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Finding a job in Canada needs:

  • thorough market research,
  • preparation of qualified resume,
  • preparation of an appropriate cover letter and
  • contacting right person in the company.

There are many ways to do your labor market research:

  • Newspaper Classifieds
  • Surfing through online job search sites
  • Contacting good recruitment agencies.
  • Finding and obtaining licensing requirements for some occupations, such as Physicians, Health Care Specialists, Nurses, Engineers, Technicians and some other trades.

We encourage each applicant looking to settle in Canada to go through the above exercises, while waiting for their visa process to complete.

The Canadian job market can prove challenging for those with no Canadian experience to break into.  Since most new immigrants chose to make either Toronto or Montreal their destination, the laws of supply and demand work against them.   There are many cities in the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia which are struggling to find qualified candidates to fill their open positions.  It is important that you get proper guidance from your immigration advisor, on your destination in Canada.  Do not pick the first city that comes to your mind, or where you have a friend who moved to Canada.  

Following are some useful links to receive more job search information specific to Canada:

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